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Digital Counter Remote Master 10th Generation Digital Counter Remote Master Frequency Display Machine Remote Control Duplicator/Copier RF Key Programmer
Digital Counter Remote Master 10th Generation Digital Counter Remote Master Frequency Display Machine Remote Control Duplicator/Copier RF Key Programmer
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New Remote Master 10th generation
Vihecle Model:

Byd F3, F0, FP-DE, Premacy, corolla, VIOS, EXCELLE, the Great Wall, old Sail, SPEAK
UFO, GALANT, Hainan MAZADA 323, GL8, Lioncel, Delica, Lance, 
Freeca, Bluebird, JMC, Geely, Elysee, etc.


Remote controller (remote master) for copy kinds of wireless RF remote controller!Its suitable for key & lock shop, locksmith, and car service shop!
IC:HT-12E AX5326-3 AX5326-4 AX5026 PT2262   PT2242 HT600 HT680 HT6207 HT6010 HT6012 HT6014 MC145026 HT640 EV1527 527 PT2260
It can copy kinds of original rolling code remote control, such as steel mate alarm system, VW GOLF,Family, corolla, vios, ex-celle, Galant, Sea horse 323, Blue Bird, BYD F0,F3, Great Wall, Zastava , geely free lancer's, and so on....
1. Frequency indicate (25MHz-1GMHz)
2. Data Detect
3. Duplicate /learn Fixed code remote
4. Duplicate /learn part of Rolling code remote
5. Duplicate /learn part of original car keys
6. Compare data (frequency, data, etc.) between remotes after copy
7. Regenerate new remote control
8. Chinese/English bilingual support

Remote Master User Manual:
The remote master used to copy RC, working with remote control A, B, C three styles submachines.
The use method as belows:
1, Four copy styles as below
Turn on the power, press key5 2 times, interface shows "remot copy";
1) press key5 one time, shows "1.normal copy";
2) then press key3 one time, shows "2.Singkey copy";
3) continue to press key3 one time, shows  "3.MulFreq copy";
4) repeat last step, shows  "4.same SYS copy";
2, "Normal Copy"

When the interface shows "1.normal copy", then action as below
1) press key5 one time, shows "input 1key to", then press the original remote 1key one time, the machine sounds "bee" a time, enter into code reading; then press key5 one time, shows "input 2key to", continue last step. Action as this to read all keys one by one;
2) When finished original remote code reading, press key5 two times, shows "input No.1 remote", means insert RC (remote control) A, press key5 one time, then write the code infomation into new remote;
3) adjust frequency: back to interface "remot copy", press key4 one time to test frequency: put the original remote on the machine and press any key one time, shows the frequency. Then put the RC A on the machine, press key1 one time, use the non-inductive regulator action on the white capacitance to adjust frequency fit.
4) after adjust frequency, press key1 & key 2 at the same time (if the remote has 5keys, just need press key5 one time), the light flash one time. When you press any key there is the light, means copy successfully finished.
3, Other copy method, please action as the indication in the machine.

Package List:
1pcs x Digital Counter
2pcs x Red Wires
1pcs x Screw Stick
1pcs x AC Adapter


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